Gel nail vanish – my take

The idea of having perfectly manicured nails for almost a month (this is what my gel vanish bottle promises) seems like God’s gift to the female race. I could not wait to go and get my nails done. This article talks about the Pro’s and the Con’s of getting my nails done with Gel nail vanish.


  • Four weeks after I got my nails done, aside from having them grow out, and one small chip on one of my thumb fingers , and this was after doing dishes on a bi daily basis and spending a good part of my days with my hands soaked in water, my vanish was still intact.


  • While I got my nails done at a local salon in Kabalagala, my nail artist did not have kind words for me. “Nyabo, I’m only doing these nails for you because you asked me to, but they cause cancer,” he said. I stubbornly told him that I only do my nails with gel vanish once in a while, and surely it can’t be that bad. I quickly went and checked it out online after, and found that some of the polishes are made with butylated hydroxanisol (BHA) and if spotted on the ingredients list should be thrown out. On top of that the exposure to ultra violet light which is pretty much sunlight causes cancer.
  • Removing of gel nail vanish needs your nails to be buffered and soaked in acetone nail vanish which can be very drying to the nails as well as to our fingers.
  • In order to set the vanish, your actual nails need to be buffered to kind of ready them to get sealed in the gel texture. This causes you to break the top layer of your nails and in the end can leave you with rough and unhappy nails for a while.

Clearly the cons outweigh the pros in this case. I’m happy sticking to the simple short wear manicures and pedicures and maybe – just maybe once in a year, with absolute protective gear would I dare to have this done again.

What is your experience with gel vanish?

Four weeks & some growing out later

Four weeks & some growing out later