Get fit with me

Mine is a bit of a story. Some of my friends will tell you I have been on one diet or another since they have known me ~right around when i turned 12, i remember being conscious of everything i ate.I struggled with my body weight and general feelings of not being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough… you get the drift. So, as a teenager, I under ate and then binged when no one was seeing. This is a story of how i overcame that to become fit.

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I didn’t get much better at managing my weight at university either. If anything, I got worse (uni budgets do nothing for healthy eating/ living). I always thought of exercise as a form of punishment and convinced myself I could never get good at it. There is something very depressing about dieting all the time and being unable to lose a few extra KG. It feels like you cannot control your body despite all your effort and it sucks! You see, my mind associated getting fit and healthy with feelings of physical and emotional pain, restriction and even the fear of failure.

A good stretch

A good stretch

Two years ago, I decided I had had enough. I was going to find a healthy way to get in the best shape of my life. No excuses, no lazing around. Fitness was no longer going to be an option for me, it was a priority. I would make this my very first project that I had to succeed in. I was going to have to impress the harshest critic – myself. So yes, we might want to get in shape for our partners, our kids, our parents but if we aren’t mentally committed to getting in shape for ourselves, sooner or later, we will get bored/ tired, busy or sick and quit.

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Recovering from my workout #smoothie

Today, I am obsessed with my workouts. In sickness and in health as I hit the gym. I’ve learned how to outsmart my body, the machines and most importantly my mind. Its taken time and a few tears, but I have finally got the hang of it. Sheraton Fitness has been imperative to my health and fitness journey. Bonding with the instructors who took the time to understand my goals, allowed me to push myself and be my best self. Not a gym person? Can’t afford one? No problem… All it takes is the will. I will always try to include home versions of all the work outs. So, if you want to get in shape for your wedding, need to bounce back from the baby weight you gained on your last pregnancy, it could be a “corporate pooch” you’ve gained 8 months working on your new desk job whatever the reason, come with me on this journey… I will be your cyber gym buddy! Warning! I am not going to baby you… I am going to push you, motivate you, challenge you but also critique you. I would love to hear 3 months/ 6 months from now that you’ve lost some inches in the healthiest way possible. So your first test in this journey is to go and get checked out by your doctor, make sure you are healthy enough to embark on this fitness journey with us. Once you are all cleared to go, feel free to join our workouts that we post here. Update us, tell us your victories as well as your challenges. Tell us what you would like us to touch on.

Im truly excited to start this journey with you guys! xxx