A Mad Men fashion inspired post

A group of Ugandan bloggers came up with an ingenious idea to use a TV character as a muse, to emulate in the fashion realm. Joan Holloway played by Christina Hendricks of MadMen came to mind almost immediately. Not Peggy but Joan. Why? Joan’s simply a boss in my opinion. A lovely mix of ambition and sass! We see her evolve through the season and struggle with the decision of being a bored/ lonely, rich housewife (which was coveted in America in the 60’s) or struggle through the work world during a time when women weren’t welcome there.

source- www.moviefancentral.com

source- www.moviefancentral.com

This chic, bodacious, brilliant,patient, confident actress carries herself with such great fashion sense its crazy! Now if you haven’t watched this series. You definitely should. I always have fancied myself a woman’s woman. The thing about her is she is a little rough around the edges although she presents herself in such a way that you could never doubt that she was a woman.

Joan Holloway lets us know, its OK to be a woman and act like a woman in a work place, wear our lipstick, do our touch-ups in the bathroom during tea breaks and even learn how to deal with men who have no concept of handling a woman in the office politically correct all the time while doing it in a great pair of heels.

Enough said, I want to be Joan when I grow up! For now, I will just try and emulate. Do you have a favorite TV series actress character you love?

Please share.


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