About cutlery etiquette

At a restaurant having a meal and taking a break? Did you just place your cutlery anyhow? Think again. Did you know there was a thing called cutlery etiquette?

Waitstaff who work in restaurants (of a certain caliber of-course) and people who have been to culinary school will literally read the way you feel about your food based on if your knowledgeable or not.

I recently landed on this picture and I can say I knew about 2 of the things that were pointed out here.

In a nutshell, here goes:


“I’m not done eating. Don’t carry away my plate just yet, or ask me if you can take it. I’m-literally-just-having-a-break.”

Etiquette 01

Ready for my second plate:

“Yes, I served just a small amount of food earlier for whatever reason, and I’d like to top this up in a moment.”

Etiquette 02


“You people did a damn good job of putting this plate together! I’ll be back and I’ll tell all my friends about what I just had.”

Etiquette 03


“I’m done, that will be all for today :)”

Etiquette 04

Do not like:

“Did you just try to kill me with the food you served? Gross.”

Etiquette 05

Go on, you can thank me later ๐Ÿ™‚

The beautiful cutlery and china featured in my article are from Miso Garden, which brings me to my next topic. Look out for my review of this restaurant that will be coming up soon.

These pictures were taken by me.