Be your own fashion guru

Imigani wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t tell a tale. Growing up, we all must have come across the tell of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Two crafty men in the town knew his weaknesses and decided to swindle lots of money from him based on this knowledge. He told the king then that only the wise could see his garment. In spite of the fact that the king couldn’t see cloth, he didn’t want to appear stupid and his men spread the word of the cloth that could only be seen by the wise. So through the streets he walked. And the people ohhhd and ahhd, until a little boy yelled…. he’s naked! People picked up on it and started rumbling until they burst out ridiculing him.

Maroon 03

Kind of like new fashion trends that all the celebrities are “rocking it.” We have to remember that fashion is a billion dollar industry that uses mind games to exploit people’s need to “fit in” and be chic. The idea is to keep you buying stuff, only for it to be out of season within a few months so that you can then buy and wear the latest trend. Fashion, just like history repeats itself. And fashion is an expression, a way to wear what you feel or desire to feel on the outside , on the inside too. So, don’t fall into the ensnare of trends. Get to know yourself, what you are comfortable in, what looks great on you, and then play with variations of it. Tweak it, take a few risks here and there – you will not always get it right but at least you will know what works and what doesn’t work for you. The honest truth is…. its not that serious!!! Now hold up…. hold up…. I’m not trying to get you running crazy in these streets A few staples and a creative mind will get you far in the fashion game.


With dressing, believe in yourself, be confident in yourself and then go out and make people believe in you. A few basic staples you can’t go wrong with include; the Little Black Dress, the Little White Dress, black trousers, black pumps, white trousers, dressy shirt . Think neutral colours like dark blue, black, grey, white items and black heels. Statement black brown bag and style those.

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What are your favorite fashion staples right now? What are your favorite ‘personality pieces’? What do you look for when you go shopping?

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