Combating heat damage

Allow me to re-introduce myself. I’m Joan and I’ve been natural for coming to 4 years this October. Every year to celebrate my “naturalvessary” I have my hair straightened at a particular hair salon – which I won’t mention here and now.

In December (because so much was happening in my life from October to November for me to go and have my hair straightened) I took my lovely head of think kinky hair to have it done my hair dresser.

As usual, I gave him my straightening speech:
• It won’t be necessary to detangle because I’ve already done it (smug face).
• I’ve washed my hair before hand and applied a heat protectant so let’s get right into it.
• Let’s not do more than 3 passes over my hair with the straightener.

When he opened the huge puff I was carrying around, he shook his head and told me there was no way he could get a straightener through it without causing me too much pain. “I need to blow-dry it properly madam,” and I let him.


I kid you not; I was left at the brink of bawling like a baby because of the level of pain I went through when that blow-dryer went through my tangles with a comb attachment. We did the same thing with the flat iron, and I was convinced he knew what he was up to since I had been to him for the past two years. I left the salon with my hair as straight as a cat’s. This is the point when I should have been alarmed. The big smile you see in this picture below was about to be wiped off my face, lol.

Hair 1Hai 2

Fast forward 3 weeks later – I tried to go as long as possible without getting a wash, and I decided to go swimming with no cap just so that I could properly douche my head in water, and watch my curls and coils revert. ALAS, straight strands especially on the left side of my head.

HD 4

I should count my blessing because a few months down the road and I can cover up my damage, and have been told it’s “really not that bad.”

Anyway, I read Amber’s post on how to combat heat damage and apple cider vinegar is your best friend.

The idea is simple, wash your hair, rinse it with Apple Cider Vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it out. Repeat every once a week when you do your wash.

This is what my hair looks like now, I’d say I’ve made some progress, but I still have a lot of work to do.

Can you tell that I'm sitting pretty ;)

Can you tell that I’m sitting pretty 😉

This is the first of many natural hair posts to come.

Don’t you love the versatility of natural hair?