Goodbye Pooch

A number of people reached out inquiring about the pooch and how to get rid of it. This prompted me to compile a few things I did in the past, right now and hopefully hope to do in the future to get rid of my pooch and continue the pursue for ab definition. Our bodies tend to store fat in the midsection for a number of reasons. It could be eating excess empty carbs or preparing for child birth in the case of women. The mistake most people make (and i have certainly made in the past) with losing belly fat and whatever other fitness goal they might have is inconsistency. Someone will start a fitness plan with zeal, overkill even… go at it everyday for 2 weeks and then burn out and abandon the plan altogether. Consistency really is discipline, which in fitness, just like in life, is crucial to get you to a higher height of achievement than you have received in the past. Decide to work your abs 2-3 times a week for a period of time, say 30 mins and make sure to stick to it no matter whats going on.

Ab home wrokouts

Ab home wrokouts #UPfitness tracker

Cardio is essential to get rid of the fat. Cardio: Any exercise that raises your heart rate over 140 beats per minute. That could be running, cycling, playing a sport like lawn tennis, squash or using a cross trainer. Cardio helps deliver more oxygen to your cells and thus helping you burn more fat. Once you have got that down, you could decide to do sit ups, planks, flutter kicks, whatever you want to work the muscles for strength and definition. All these exercises can be done with or without a gym. As you can see, i simply used grass and an exercise mat for mine.

IMG_0470But all this is for nothing if you haven’t got the diet in check. Ever heard of “Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym?” You have got to clean up your diet and throw out all the junk! [TRASH] . Swap out white bread for brown or replace that with protein altogether. Try oatmeal, brown pasta, brown sugar instead of white or even honey and other natural sweeteners. Throw out the fizzy drinks~ le diable (french for the devil). An important way to get rid of that pooch for good is to do most of your meal preparation so that you know exactly what goes into your meals and not the overpriced under nutritious trash you get in a restaurant.

This brings me to the last tip; which is using natural fat burners. You might have heard this term a bit and it refers to substances found in nature that speed up the process of burning fat within the fat cells. They help you along your journey without the fear of putting your health in danger and can be incorporated into your daily diet to ensure results. Some of the commonly found natural fat burners include; lemon water- increasing water intake in general is pertinent for weight loss, coconut oil- for cooking your meals instead of regular vegetable oil, Himalayan salts, green tea, hot peppers, cinnamon, lean proteins (white meat) low-fat diary products like cheese and a host of others.

For inspiration, I look to shows like Surviving The Cut, Naked and Afraid, which really push my mind to think out of my comfort zone and various YouTube channels. What do you do to keep in shape? Where do you draw inspiration? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.