Korea in Kampala

I recently spent an evening with a group of friends at Miso Garden which is a Korean Barbeque and Sushi restaurant located in Kololo, Kampala. Because I’m a sucker for time, I was earlier than everyone else and it gave me time to sit down, get my creative juices flowing and even come up with this article. You know those people who try a different restaurant every week? Those people who can just about shove anything in their mouth if it passes for food just to see what the experience is like? That’s me. Your typical foodie.

California roll

California roll


Miso 02

True to the Korean culture, the ambiance is colorful and geometric. It felt like I walked through a corridor and felt like I was not sitting a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Kampala. To my right was a spectacular array of spices, the same spices that they use in some of their dishes.



At the back of the restaurant they also have an organic garden. Nothing makes me smile like being able to see exactly where my food is coming from, or how it’s been prepared. Not to mention organic means no one previously sprayed the salad on my plate with vast amounts of pesticides. Among the starters the restaurant serves Cabbage Kimchi which is basically pickled vegetables.

Miso 05


I ordered a Katsudon and my friend and I shared a California roll. Don’t let what it looks like put you off. Katsudon is typically deep fried pork cooked with eggs and a sweet and salty broth, all placed over steamed rice. Sounds amazing right? My stomach certainly agrees with the flavours put together in this dish. California roll on the other hand is your typical sushi roll with cucumber, crab meat and avocado. This. Roll. Makes. My. Life. Better. These typically come in as 8, but the picture I have only has 4 because I we dived right in out of anticipation. *blush*. Both of these dishes were pretty much rice served different ways, which is extremely fitting since rice is Korea’s staple food.

Miso 06

Both of these dishes come in at UGX 28,000 and UGX 24,000 respectively and won’t break your bank.

Would I go back? Without a doubt. Did my friends all like the meal? Not all of them. I would say if you have an adventurous palette and would like to try something new, go to Miso Gardens.

Garden :)

Garden 🙂

Pork noodles anyone?

Pork noodles anyone?

Miso 03