My skin care routine – the whats and the whys

Your face is your crown and jewel. Some people say it is your hair but I believe that was relevant way back when you couldn’t buy yourself some amazing hair. Back to the face and the skin in general. Two scenarios; a colleague of mine has weekly intravenous shots of Vitamin C and glutathione, a cocktail to prevent aging and keep her skin clear. The security lady at my favorite lunchtime spot has amazing AMAZING skin. She uses Shea butter harvested directly from the plant back home in Lira. Nothing else. (Yes, I asked!!) So I decided to find myself a routine somewhere in the middle of these two routines above and slowly but surely, I seem to be finding myself a skin care equilibrium.FullSizeRender-9

In my search for skin care products, I purchased unprocessed Shea butter from the Shea Butter shop at Oasis mall, Kampala, and bought a lot of vitamin C tablets. Heck no! I wont be injecting myself  with vitamins just yet. The routine I get into below is what works for me. I hope putting it out there will help someone figure out their own skin routine and maybe you guys can help me tweak mine even further. I have combination skin- which means, I have both oily and dry skin. My T-zone is oily and the rest of my face is normal but I get dry spots around my cheek and mouth area. In the previous past, I seem to break out mostly around mt chin area but I think I might have got a solution for that.

Number 1: I CLEANSE~ everyday, twice a day. If I’m unwell, I will give myself an excuse to cleanse only once a day. But as a rule, I must remove make up, if any. Currently, I’m using the La Roche makeup remover. It gives me a good cleanse but I have found that it also leaves a burning sensation on my skin. (Therefore I am looking for a suitable replacement). Then cleanse with either my Deep Clean Neutrogena facial cleanser or my Seacret Purifying peeling skin milk.


Number 2: Tone. This is crucial in bringing back your freshly washed face to the normal pH (7.5). Cleansing products are usually alkaline and if the skin isn’t brought back to the right tone, it will make one prone to break outs. I use the Johnsons 3 in 1 toner and occasionally use the la Roche toner.


Number 3: Moisturize. This step PREVENTS wrinkles!!!! (WRINKLES!!!). I begin by using an eye cream, currently the Estee Lauder day and night anti wrinkle eye creams. When it settles in, I will use my Johnsons facial cream with a dot of tea tree oil from The Body Shop. I will also usually add a drop of S.P.F to this to protect from UV rays (cancer and aging causants).


In the event of breakouts, I will use either Retin A ( tretinoin cream) or neo medrol lotion overnight and the zit should be dry by morning. I also go on to moisturize the rest of the body with inexpensive aqueous cream with no additives mixed with SPF. I also apply bio oil to scars and stretch marks religiously, and massage it in for greater results.


FullSizeRender-7Of course any of the above can be changed out according to availability / affordability but it is crucial to get a routine and stick to it, With skin care, prevention is better than cure. Exercise gets blood circulating through your skin. It allows you to sweat out toxins under the skin and should generally improve your complexion. Good nutrition is just as important. “ What you eat in private, you wear in public” is extremely true. Reduce/ cut out oil and sugar. Drink lots of water and steam your skin every once in a while. Weekly/ monthly exfoliations are great for your skin as well, because your skin keeps shading and it helps to get rid of the dead skin. Its crucial that I say this is not exhaustive in skin care but a day-to-day routine for me. I’d love to do more natural skin care routines.

What do you do differently? What works for you?