Highlighting Kampala Fashion Week 2015

For the first time, we’ve decided to write an article with both our input. We feel like we have to let you know our take on Kampala Fashion Week. Last night, Thursday 12th November 2015, Acacia Mall Kampala’s rooftop hosted the 2nd edition of Kampala Fashion Week in a beautifully crafted event, attended by Uganda’s fashion enthusiasts.



Ambiance: In the holding area, Uganda Waragi put together a well thought out bar with a selection of cocktails for sale. They helped set the pace for the night as everyone chatted while we waited to get in the showroom. Once inside, it almost felt like a garage feel. Something the LDJ team pointed out was the look and feel that had worked for various fashion weeks this year hence its intentional continuation in Uganda. Wooden benches made by Awaka lined the hall from front to back, and the Kampala Fashion Week team put together African printed goodie bags for their VIP guests. The 120 feet walkway gave us time to ogle every single outfit to our eyes fill and at the change in music along with every designer helped us envision exactly where they came from with their thought processes.


Angela: Lights, Camera, Action. It was such an electric feeling in the room last night. Industrial and artistic. That’s the vibe I got. Beautiful people, a beautiful audience and the designs, the designs!!!! Ugandan designers put on an amazing show with carefully constructed attires that could be translated from the catwalk to the street at any time. Jose Hendo stayed true to African prints and patterns with a modern twists and highly defined cuts in her clothes while the likes of Kwesh mixed it up with a lot of grays and pinks that had the crowd roaring as the models showcased her designs down the catwalk.

Joan: I feel like the fashion industry in Uganda woke up a while ago, and I got absolute proof of it from watching last night’s Kampala Fashion Week. Our designers are certainly onto something. The team that puts together these shows is forward thinking and certainly challenges our designers to push their boundaries. My highlight of the night had to be the “Muted Grandeur” Kwesh collection that had people standing in their seats to get a look of the clean cuts, and mixes of sequined pinks and grays and whites she put together. Kona’s jewelry did a great job of complementing her pieces. I enjoyed Haute Baso’s use of African Prints, and applaud Definition Africa for the collaboration they has with Cirra-Sue too.


Getting ready for the show :)

Getting ready for the show 🙂


We walked away from that fashion show looking forward to next years.

Cheers to every single person who put their heads together to put on last night’s show.

Photography: by Giulio Molfese and us.