Little Fun Black Dresses

This is a fun twist I decided to take on the Little Black Dress (LBD) that we all love to turn to when we have no clue what to wear. I thought this was a fun little number that I could dress up or down depending on where I am and what I have to do.

LBD Imigani 05

This LBD is playful yet flattering. I decided to be really playful with it and wear some fun African print shoes.

LBD Imigani

After all, the body hugging LBD has been done in every possible imaginable way. I, personally like to take an alternative route with my fashion (Just because we cannot all have a perfect contour and an obscenely defined eye brow. Also because I can). I like that its playful but all grown with the lace detail at the back and at the collar on the front.

LBD Imigani 02

Basically my quick fun take on the little black dress.

LBD Imigani 01

Dress  -Joci boutique, +256774 443509

Shoes – Buqisi Ruux

LBD Imigani Title