Quick wrap up: Rwanda

It’s Friday, its raining in Kampala and that means there isn’t a better time to give you a good read to accompany your morning coffee’s in this rainy weather. Today’s topic Rwanda: The Heart of Africa.


Although I don’t get to return to this beauty of a country as much as I’d love to, if you ever have to go, this post could be bookmarked to quickly guide you on things you could do.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre:

I have this first on the list, because in my opinion it’s imperative that aside from hearing the stories about Rwanda and the 1994 genocide, going to the Genocide Memorial Centre will give you the chance to actually glimpse at the pain that this nation went through, and will give you some sort of appreciation of how much progress they’ve made.

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge

Restaurants and night life:

Rwanda is mellow in comparison to Uganda. There is something so controlled about their night life and because of this, I tried out two very beautiful spots and that was that. On the other hand I stayed for five days, and went to seven restaurants. Blame that on the fact that I had many people to meet in such a short time if you may, or on the fact that I’m such a foodie and now I have to pay back for my reckless behavior. Lol. Seriously though, I felt like I had only skimmed the top of the options I had. So now I have to plan another trip back. 🙂

Gahaya Gifted Hands

Rwandese Baskets at Gahaya Gifted Hands

Imigongo at Haute Baso

Imigongo at Haute Baso

Art and more art:

I feel like everyone in Rwanda is ARTSY. They all seem to have such an appreciation for art, and I almost feel like they don’t notice it. Rwandese Baskets for décor, Imigongo made out of cow dung that make for beautiful wall hangings, necklaces made out of sisal or beads, designers who weave traditional art into their work to reflect their history into their now. (If you follow us on social media then you might have an idea of the designers I had chats with. I can’t wait to get into their work individually), and art galleries that showcase all sorts of beautiful and strange pieces of work.


Art peices from Inema Arts Center

Art peices from Inema Arts Center

With all of that said. Rwanda is such an easy getaway if you live somewhere in East Africa. You do not need a visa, and the hospitality and safety in this country will overwhelm you.

Innovation Village

Innovation Village

Shokola - Storytellers Cafe

Shokola – Storytellers Cafe

PS: Make sure you travel with a yellow fever card, and some jackets or cover-ups because it can get really cold sometimes.

Sending you into the weekend with love!