Medieval Pleats

Something about dark corridors lined with greenery reminds me of medieval times. A period where the romantic in me wishes I could have been born to witness firsthand what it was like to be alive then. Because of how I felt, I thought it was fitting to shoot this outfit in that corridor. In fact, I’ve edited all of the pictures in here to black and white, so that you can visualize with me. Yes I know, there is nothing medieval about it, but the pleats in this skirt are a fashion trend from over ten years ago that have returned: to my utmost pleasure.

White Skirt 05White Skirt 01The thing about pleats is that with the right number of folds they have the ability to frame a woman’s figure and give her an understated appeal. The way they tend to fall around your body, and show it off without necessarily hugging it is something that calls out to me. I chose to wear it in white, because if your going to follow a trend, go all out or not at all – in my opinion.

White Skirt 03White Skirt 02The monochromatic safe dresser in me immediately jumped at this fun white and black shirt. Its cut, the see through back, and its gold details are only some of the reasons I chose to go with it. More importantly, the way it fades from a lighter to a darker shade from top to bottom is brilliant to me.

White Skirt 08White Skirt 06Where would I wear this outfit you ask? To the office, to an after work event with changes in jewelry, to a family event where you might need to be smart and understated. To bring some life to it, I paired this look with blue heels.

White Skirt 04White Skirt 07Don’t forget that you can now directly shop the look off our blog.

A lovely weekend to you all.

Skirt and top – Joci Boutique

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Photography – Angela