Shift Attitude

This green, black and white shift dress just helped me overcome my fears of wearing one of them! Since this trend started, I’ve silently sat back and watched girls throwing them on and making them look amazing. I’ve always thought you could only pull one off if you were a certain size or lower, but I threw this on when I was looking through the stock at Joci Boutique and it didn’t make me look like half the potato I imagined I would look like mentally.

Shift Attitude Imigani 8Shift Attitude Imigani 5I remember Angela and I doing this shoot. I originally tried to wear it without a belt and she convinced me that the belt synced in my waist and made for a shapelier look, while still keeping the integrity of the trend. I love the fabric of this dress and the fact that it can easily transition from warmer to cooler weather.

Shift Attitude Imigani 6Shift Attitude Imigani 7The ability this trend has to make me feel free and unrestricted, while at the same time making me feel dressed to the nines fascinates me. I’ll remember to throw on one of these on a day when I plan to sit down and have a hectic meal.

Shift Attitude Imigani 1My hair is the result of a bantu knot out. It makes me happy that I’ve learnt how to style my hair and make it work; especially through the humidity and rainy season we’ve had in Kampala lately. In fact I haven’t done a natural hair post in so long, maybe I should…

Shift Attitude Imigani 4We are also excited to be announcing today that you can now shop the looks we blog about. 🎉

Wishing you all a splendid week.

Shift Attitude Imigani 3Shift Attitude Imigani 2Skirt and top – Joci Boutique

Shoes – H&M

Earpins- Inzuki

Photography – Angela