Blue Hues

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this post with you! Beautiful blue hues, literally everywhere you look. Waking up in the wee – hours of the morning has never been so worth it.

Blue Hues Imigani 01Blue Hues Imigani 02Sunrises are so beautiful. I don’t know why I’ve never actually sat down and watched one. Or I do know; I love my sleep. Watching this sunrise just taught me a new lesson though. Sunrises are a lot more rewarding than sunsets. Sunsets are almost always going to be seen. So even if they might be beautiful, putting in the work to catch the sunrise is always worth it. Especially if you have beautiful Lake Victoria as your backdrop.

Blue Hues Imigani 03The blue, sequin shouldered Kwesh dress I’m wearing in today’s shoot is understatedly beautiful. The exact kind of dress I would choose in a store. Her designs tend to do that. Let the person wear them and not the other way around. I plan to get into this in detail in another post. It’s tailored in soft jersey material and has a fluid feeling at the bottom where it leaves a slight train behind. Granted, Shremal who I shot with has an eye for finding magical locations at magical times, but needless to say, all I had to do was pair this dress with a pair of drop ear pins, and the dress and backdrop did all the work for me.

Blue Hues Imigani 05With all the spleandour around me, our shoot couldn’t help but reflect it. I channeled my inner model and in between the laughs we had in the background, we had some real amazing results. It was so satisfying watching the different shades of blue play out in front of my eyes. Watching the day bloom into full sunlight, listening to the sounds of the waves and the lake, and seeing fishermen bring in their catches for the day, I couldn’t help but remember the quote “there is so much beauty around us, if only we take the time to notice it.”

Blue Hues Imigani 06Blue Hues Imigani 07Have a splendid weekend.

Photography – Vault Memories

Dress – Kwesh

Location – Ggaba Pier