One Jacket Two Ways

If you’re as engulfed in the internet and blog sphere as I am then you’ve probably seen a number of “one jacket two ways” blog posts. I thought it would be fun for me to give it a spin and pick a piece that will allow me to show you different ways you can wear it.

Jacket - ImiganiJacket - Imigani 05Today, I am focusing on this dynamite red jacket by Kwesh. A beautifully tailored piece that does not need a lot of work to get spruced up. In one look, I’ve paired it with an all black outfit to show you how I would wear it on a night out. Not a lot of work done and yet I still manage to look well put together.

Jacket - Imigani 02Jacket - Imigani 06In the second look I’m being a bit more playful and these chickens in my background seem to agree with me seeing as they wouldn’t let me get one shot without them being featured. I’ve worn it with a pair of shorts, a black vest and thrown it over. For that “I’m going to the beach, but I still want to look glamorous when it gets cold” look.

Jacket - Imigani 08Jacket - Imigani 01Maybe my post will inspire you to find simple but still dynamite ways to spruce up your weekend through an outfit or otherwise.

Jacket - Imigani 04Till next week.


Photography – Vault Memories

Jacket – Kwesh

Vest – H&M

Shoes – Aldo

Shorts – Woolworths

Tights – Zara