Scarf Ready

If you love life hacks like myself, you must check out this multiway scarf from Kona. It just makes sense to have one characteristic piece that you can play around with depending on your functional or style goals. Whether I’m wearing a long black dress or jeans as in this shot, I’m sure I will get a lot of compliments wearing this piece.

Scarf Ready Imigani 05Scarf Ready Imigani 03I found this scarf while browsing around Kona, on Kanjokya street, near Acacia Mall in Kampala. It immediately caught my attention. That store has character in every corner and feels like a quirky experience every time Joan and I go in there. The little buttons at the bottom along with the instruction card that comes with it, means that you have the option to play around with your look to achieve flair or functionality.

Scarf Ready Imigani 02Berlin is so unique. Its native heartbeat is in art and expression. Unlike London or Paris, where people generally scheme around white, black, grey or nude, people here have a knack for wearing their heart on their sleeve (literally). That makes it perfect for me to keep my unique Afro/Indian pieces and make something cool out of the jeans, t – shirt and converse culture here. This scarf is so practical because it is light weight, the cotton feels so light against your skin and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

Scarf Ready Imigani 01At UGX 80,000 or Euros 21 a piece, It is definitely one of those items I would buy for myself and get the wear out of. I would also but it for someone as a gift and let them express it in whatever way is comfortable.

My friend that I met here Vandana took these pictures and she has such an artistic eye (coming from a background of filmography – check out her site and watch her videos! Genius!). Thanks V ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Scarf Ready Imigani 04