Ubwiza by Malaika

It gives me great pleasure this week to write about Malaika and her design collection Ubwiza. I actually took this interview more than two months ago but this girl is so memorable, I am confident I will capture her essence in this piece.

IMG_5326Malaika is a mother, a wife, a business owner and a girl boss (basically everything I want to be when I get round to growing up :). She is also from my tribe (The Womens’ woman tribe). This isn’t actually something she told me but rather something I inferred from our last conversation. Malaika made Joan and I feel like we were having a conversation with an old friend…and that speaks volumes. Lastly, she is a Rwandan Ugandan, something we can relate with. Maybe thats why I just love her Ubwiza story.

IMG_5318Malaika started working in Uganda Telecom years ago. She always had a creative eye and her fashion DIY’s kept getting her attention in the work place and a side income to match. Because of all the interest, Malaika was inspired to start her garment business. She got a friendly loan, quit her job and has never turned back.

IMG_5301Ubwiza, is located in Krishna Mart Mall and is a boutique that captures Malaika’s style and essence. She has an artistic eye and hands based on the outfits she makes and displays in her store. Aesthetically, Ubwiza feels like a crossmatch between authentic African and European. It definitely makes me want to pop into her home and see her decor.

IMG_5314I fell in love with the pieces I’m wearing in this article. Pieces I can wear everyday and anywhere to capture culture and trends. Malaika has also started working with brides and some of the pieces Joan and I saw in her store are amazing. You should definitely check out her Facebook page if your looking for something for your big day.

I even got a short tutorial from the head wrap queen and have recreated this head wrap style several times over my two-month Berlin trip. You should definitely hop into this store for fun, authentic African pieces and hopefully a little chat with the Head Wrap Queen.