When you read this post, I want you to imagine me prancing around the blog this little flowery dress. I’m excited because it’s Friday and I get to do a lot of fun stuff this weekend, but I’m also excited because July is here (July is always full of celebrations for me). Angela will be back soon and we can share with you the next big things we are working on.

Flowery Imigani 04Flowery Imigani 02All of this in mind, I can’t help but find it timely to be finally getting around to these photos that were taken by a really good photographer, who is also my personal friend.

Flowery Imigani 06Don’t flowers just uplift your soul? Don’t they fascinate you because of the fact that their lifespan is so temporary and yet having them, albeit for a shot while brings you so much joy?

Flowery Imigani 01Flowery Imigani 03I’m wearing a fitted flowery dress with a peplum like effect at the front. I love this dress because it fits perfectly, but this peplum like arrangement gives me room to sort of cheat. (Read can easily be worn after eating like crazy). I paired it with these gold shoes which I love because of their texture, but also because they have a rose gold tinge to them, and a gold three tiered necklace.

Flowery Imigani 07I’m also smiling because my twist out worked out impeccably on this day.

Flowery Imigani 05Wishing you nothing but an uplifting weekend.

Till next week.

Dress, shoes and necklace – Essentials

Photography – Nicole Magabo who is also one part of Imported From Africa

All of these pieces are available on our shop if you’d like to shop the look.