While the M7 Challenge is still fresh (and btw hats off to all of the creativity I’ve seen floating around the internet) I thought it fitting to put up this post where I got the chance to shoot an outfit in the Presidential Suite at Chobe Safari Lodge.

Presidential Imigani 06Things might seem to be amiss. I’m putting up another blog post and you haven’t heard from Angela. She is bang in the middle of the final presentations to the H&M crew, and will be back when she is able to.

Now where was I, I sincerely don’t take it for granted that despite the fact that our political climate might not be as clear as day and night, we have the ability to sit down and goof about our president and express our creativity and inner children through meme’s and hilarious compositions about him.

Presidential Imigani 04Chobe Safari Lodge is stunning, and I wrote an extensive post about it last year when I first visited it. I got the chance to return to it two weeks ago with my friends and the experience, just like I expected was different – a good different. In fact to be honest I think it always will be. We spent the weekend unwinding, and if you caught it on Snapchat the dare devil in me got out of our touring car and literally chased a giraffe!

Presidential Imigani 03Presidential Imigani 02Presidential Imigani 01The sunsets are magical, and the sunrises even more. I woke up to the sound of the river and throughout the day our sentences and laughter was punctuated by sounds from Hippos. In fact while we were hanging out by the pool, a hippo came out of the river and had a baby! I want you to think endless fields with giraffes and buffaloes. I’m specifically laughing when I remember us being driven around in a cart at night being told stories about Leopards that had been sighted recently, and almost jumping out of my skin when there was a hippo literally above our heads in the cart.

Presidential Imigani 10Now in light of the above, I want to share with you what it means to stay in a Presidential Suite. While the rest of the rooms are stunning, they significantly pale in comparison. Not only does the President get two wings complete with three bathrooms, a TV, and a fully equipped kitchen, he also gets a blow-dryer in his bathroom. (We all know he doesn’t need it) lol.

Presidential Imigani 09The décor is predominantly wood and expensive leather, and from his balcony you can literally throw a stone in the river. To keep up with all the grandeur, I wore this beautiful dress from Essentials and paired it with a silver and black necklace as well as black and grey shoes.

Presidential Imigani 07I’ll say again that if you come to Uganda, be sure to check out Chobe Safari Lodge, and carry a repellant so that tsetse flies don’t turn your trip into a nightmare.

Presidential Imigani 11Everything I’m wearing is available on our shop for you to pick up if you’d like to.

Dress, Shoes, Necklace and Clutch – Essentials

Photography – Toys

Direction – Carol

Till next week.