Dazzling for Diesel

When my friend Julia casually mentioned over cake and coffee that she was too tired to attend her Diesel event the following evening and “did I want to go in her place” I said –heck yes!!! Half expecting her to forget all about it. Later, she texted and said they would be expecting me, My mind shouted … woopwoop!!!

Dazzling for Diesel 08Dazzling for Diesel 02Two hours later, I started to have a mini anxiety as I mentally went through everything I had brought with me to Berlin and nothing seemed right to wear to the event. Should I buy something new? What do people wear to fashion events here? How do I stay uniquely me and still blend in. I had come to Berlin expecting to go to a few parties but definitely not a Fashion Week event.

Dazzling for Diesel 05Dazzling for Diesel 01Let’s face it, you might love fashion like me but if I’m honest, the people can be extra snotty and a little bit stuck up at these events. I didn’t feel like I had enough snot to compete. I learned of another unsettling issue. This event didn’t have a runway, It was kind of cozy and it was for the unveiling of their new season time pieces. Yikes! I wish Julia was coming. I might actually have a chance to enjoy the open bar and laugh up a storm. In the shops I went to that evening, I was reminded of two things; My African curves looked strange in their European cut cloth shapes and did I really want to go as a Berlin clone? All black, white or grey. Nope!

Dazzling for DieselI knew only one thing that I, for sure, would not feel lousy in, the Kona leather and mud cloth bag. One bag with two beautiful and unique faces which by the way ties into many of the bags designed by Kona, tied together with black leather and gold straps and zipper. Bhavia one of the creative minds of Kona introduced me to the genius that is this bag.

Dazzling for Diesel 04Dazzling for Diesel 06

I caught a few inquiring gazes at my Kona bag even though the time pieces were so captivating that they had body guards hovering over them. Now, Because the event was at night, I have had to recreate the look for the night. As for the mud cloth bag, Its worth just going to Kona at Kisementi, Kampala to have a look at the genius it is!

Dazzling for Diesel 07I thought I would recreate the look for this article so that we all, can give this bag the respect it deserves.

Till next week!