Mellow Yellow

Isn’t the colour yellow just so uplifting? It’s not the ideal colour I would wear but I’ve got to say that being in yellow makes me feel like my mood has been immediately uplifted and I’ve got no care in the world.

Mellow Yellow Imigani 01Mellow Yellow Imigani 07We took these pictures in and on the way to Murchison falls, and I remember being in really high spirits because I was taking another trip with my friends.

Mellow Yellow Imigani 04Mellow Yellow Imigani 02Lyantz (our driver) probably thought we were nuts when we saw a field of sunflowers across the road and asked him to park so that we could take pictures. We racked up an audience of the locals in the area who probably thought we were aliens – but we quite frankly didn’t care.

Mellow Yellow ImiganiMellow Yellow Imigani 11My point with this post is to encourage you all to find time to unwind and do things that make you happy. Take time off to reap the results of your hard work. Yes I know, I sound philosophical, but there’s no point in living like your in a rat race is there?

Mellow Yellow Imigani 03Mellow Yellow Imigani 05This pretty little yellow playsuit is out of stock on our shop, but there’s a lot more you can pick up if you’d like to.

02Mellow Yellow Imigani 10Stay mellow!


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