Savannah Manner

My wanderlust is creeping on me yet again. I’m longing to travel. I think you can tell by how we scoured Kampala city to find a place that has a savannah feel to it.

Savannah Manner Imigani 03Today, I want to talk about my growing appreciation for Uganda that has been brought on since we started Imigani. To be really sincere, I had many things in mind, but falling in love with my country was never one of them.

Savannah Manner ImiganiSavannah Manner Imigani 02Slowly by slowly with every trip we do and every corner of Uganda we visit, I appreciate more and more what we have sitting here in our backyards. We are so lucky! Being born in this country and having such easy access to all of this beauty makes us so lucky! It makes me a little bit sad that I’ve taken this long to find this much of an appreciation for my country, but then again – better late than never.

Savannah Manner Imigani 07Savannah Manner Imigani 04As I write this post, I’m thinking back to driving between Chobe Safari Lodge and Paara Safari Lodge and remembering my shock at noticing that it felt like we had driven through a rain forest and got to a dessert with all of the vegetation in between changing accordingly! How amazing is that!

Savannah Manner Imigani 01In this shoot, to illustrate my feelings, I’m wearing a lovely brown tote leather bag, brown leather shoes (brown makes me feel a little bit safari-ish), a yellow camisole, and a round free skirt. I’ve paired all of this with a turquoise beaded necklace to tie into that savannah/masaai feel. Everything I’m wearing except the skirt is available on our shop for sale.


Photography  – Nicole Magabo

Bag, shoes, necklace and camisole – Essentials