The Uzuri Way

Now that we are in the same place, we can finally get to talk about Uzuri! Listen as we tell this Imigani, because we think you will be as captivated as we were when we heard it.

The Uzuri Way Imigani The Uzuri Way Imigani 08Joan: I met with Ysolde over two months ago in Kampala city and I listened intently as she told me her and Kevine’s story. Uzuri which stands for beauty in Swahili (a name which was chosen while the East African Community was being formed with the foresight that they would reach out to the community) is followed by K&Y to stand for Kevine and Ysolde. This is how the name Uzuri K&Y came up. They met when they were still completing design school in Kigali Rwanda. Born and bred citizens, these girls noticed that they shared a passion for fashion and have not looked back since.

The Uzuri Way Imigani 03

The Uzuri Way Imigani 04At first, they started off trying their hands at clothes, bags and shoes, until their mentor pulled them into separate rooms and asked that they mention just one of the three things they shoould stick to, coincidence or not, they both  zeroed in on making shoes.

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They built a team from scratch and have since outgrown their original space and moved into a bigger workshop with the hope to expand. Ysolde is young and bubbly. If she is anything of an indication of what Kevine is like, this team must have fun getting their work done. When I say young, I mean 23. 23 years old people! Take a moment to let that sink in and realise that you are never too young or too inexperienced to achieve your dreams. On the day I sat down to talk to Ysolde, her and Kevine were finalising a shipment of over 1000 pairs of shoes. Something tells me this duo is just getting started on their road to success and I would pay attention to them if I were you.

The Uzuri Way Imigani 06 The Uzuri Way Imigani 01Angela: Although I missed the chance to meet with Ysolde because I was in Berlin, I’ll tell you my thoughts about their work. When I finally got my hands on this pair of shoes, I thought to myself “these guys put the T in authentic.” Whats more is that they make absolutely beautiful shoes that you can wear anywhere in the world. All you need is a nice pedicure since your feet are bound to get more noticed in these sandals. On top of that, they are affordable and can easily be dressed down or up. We are so excited because we will soon have a selection made specifically to our tastes and hopefully to those of our readers up on our blogs shop.

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Wishing you nothing short of an amazing week.


Photography by the both of us.