Floral Muse

September has rolled around quite quickly this year and September usually signifies a couple of things to me. The end of the year in sight, goals achieved and those I will keep on my list for next year and wedding season. Yes of course….wedding season. It’s usually an excuse to doll up and be happy with people as they celebrate each other. What I love the most about weddings is the floral themes followed closely by food.

Floral Muse Imigani 07 Floral Muse Imigani 03When I saw this dress, I thought it would be perfect as I gear up to the wedding season that’s upon us. Weddings and tea parties, sunshine, and christenings/ kid friendly parties. I paired this with a statement rose gold timepiece and minimal jewellery. Why? Because this time, I will let the flowers do the talking. They are a bold – enough statement without much else.

Floral Muse Imigani 10 Floral Muse Imigani 09You can now buy this dress directly on our shop and we will deliver it to you in Kampala.

Floral Muse Imigani 02 Floral Muse Imigani 05And if your feeling up to it, you can even put a flower in your hair and brighten yours, and your neighbours day.

Floral Muse Imigani 08 Floral Muse Imigani 04Photography by Joan.