GRWM MAC Edition

Hey there beautiful people. This is a special one for you. If you are like me and you have a playful spirit but you don’t often get the time to play, I have a grown – up game for you. It is all about makeup today. Once in a while, I like to get all dolled up and feel like a perfect 10. Scratch that, an 11. This is a pretty big deal for me because my life involves working with a lot of ill, angry people so, when I have an opportunity to dress up, I try to milk it. Today I’m taking you through my quick GRWM (Get Ready With Me) face routine.

img_6227I had my skin perfectly matched to my undertones at the MAC store after  a consultation with a friend I met at a beauty meet – up. The results, magic. Interestingly, we haven’t done a makeup post on the blog before so I thought I’d share what they taught me in one of my beauty meet ups as well as what I’ve learn’t through internet research.

grwm-imigani-03-copyDisclaimer, I am not a makeup artist and I do not like the “overdone” look. Its just personal preference and seems to work just fine for me. This is my 10 minute routine. I start with clean skin, toned and moisturized. After I have applied my under – eye cream and lip balm, I use a pea sized amount of my MAC NW50 foundation on my hand. I dub a few dots all over my face and then take a moist beauty blender and pat it all over my face until I achieve  light to medium coverage.

img_6222Once this has set, I will take my MAC concealer NW45 and dub it under my eyes where there are any dark circles and any other discoloration spots. I then blend with the smaller end of the beauty blender. Next, I use a brown pencil for my lashes and then an angled brush to fill in the spaces. I will follow with my Sleek Eye Shadow palate and I usually go for the gold and bronze colors. I finish off my eyes with a liquid black eyeliner or gel and some high volume mascara.

grwm-imiganiNext is my lips, lately I’ve been loving the nudes or dark browns and I line my lips first with my brown jordana cosmetics pencil (I’m not sure which one, since I got these at a flea market along Bunga in Kampala for a steal) and finish with MAC Touch lustre in the number AC3.

img_6206-1If I’m going for an extra oomph, I might dab some Urban decay Quivrer afterglow 6 hour blush.

All the face shots in todays post were taken by Hills Images and the makeup shots were taken by me.

Till next week!