Smart and Warm

October is here! As it gets colder everywhere in the world, Kampala’s rainy season is upon us. How do you dress up to the nines despite the fact that it’s not as warm as it always is? That was my challenge in today’s post one.

smart-and-warm-imigani-09smart-and-warm-imigani Shooting this post was a lot of fun for angela and I because we had my two year old nephew who is really keen on insisting that he knows how to use a camera snap away at us randomly and wrestle us for the camera. Lol.

smart-and-warm-imigani-06smart-and-warm-imigani-10I thought about wearing trousers but then I thought – boring. And then a light bulb went off in my head. A midi skirt is always a great way to have some length to your outfit while at the same time staying warm! I paired this skirt with a long sleeved shirt, and made a quick decision to tie a knot at the back of it to achieve a “cropped” top look to give the look some oomph.

smart-and-warm-imigani-01smart-and-warm-imigani-03For accessories, to play up the details in the skirt and the green of the top, I opted for an orange beaded African necklace and black and green heels. I surprised myself when I saw how well these accessories looked with the outfit.

smart-and-warm-imigani-05smart-and-warm-imigani-08What I really want to talk about is where you find smart and warm clothes in Kampala, or wherever you live. Stop by and comment below.

The skirt in todays look is from Joci Boutique. Shop the look if you would like to.

An amazing weekend to you!