Peacock Intensity

Peacocks are probably up there in my long list of birds that I love. I’m not a face value kind of person so they are not up on my list because of their obvious beautiful and richly coloured feathers, but more for the fact that these birds choose a lifelong partner and they stick with them. Because of this, they represent a symbol for eternal love in some parts of the world. Yes yes, I’m a sucker for all things true and real, hence my love for peacocks.

peacock-intensity-imigani-10peacock-intensity-imigani-03That said, I could never resist the rich green and blue tones in their feathers, and it was a no brainer in my choice to go with this top. Yes people, It’s a top, but Kampala has been so sunny of late, I use any excuse I can to find pieces of an acceptable length and pass them off as something else read as a dress.

peacock-intensity-imigani-09peacock-intensity-imigani-06This silk material umm dress is light, beautiful and it slips over my body making it oh so easy to wear. Accesorising it was really easy. I wrapped the back of my hair in a green cotton scarf, and used Kentaro’s products to make a bomb bantu knot out on the front of my hair (the hours I spend watching YouTube videos are paying off!)

peacock-intensity-imigani-01peacock-intensity-imigani-07We had my neice Kamanzi join us for this shoot. A little bag of energy that zapped our shoot from being ordinary to being extremely fun. Hopefully one day when she is old enough to read and understand the words on our blog, she will reflect on the meaning of eternal love in all of the many aspects that it could be, including my eternal love for her. If nothing else, I hope that through Imigani I am able to share some of the most precious things in life to me. Kamanzi is one of them.

peacock-intensity-imigani-11It’s almost like the universe heard my thoughts during this shoot when a rainbow showed up right behind us! I’m laughing thinking about how much we scrambled to catch it in our shots.

peacock-intensity-imigani-04To a week that is richly filled with colour, and love!

Photography by Hills Images.