Bye Bye 2016

Its dumbfounding how fast 2016 has gone by. But then again, I feel that as I grow older, the time passes much faster. It is only when I look back to pictures from last year at this around this time that I fully appreciate what can transpire in a year. Soon Imigani will have 100 posts published, and we will be two years old!

grwm-imigani-02Brown Dress TitleIts been good and bad, bitter-sweet at times and wildly great at other times. That is what life is, but it takes a year to remind oneself of how great it is to be alive today.

I will summarize a few lessons of the year in this post;

  • Ugandans will probably never learn about bank etiquette. (Cue in the social media pictures and memes of the person behind you in a bank queue leaning in too close and evading the very principle of personal space). A few months ago, while I was in a queue, I got to the teller point and someone followed me right up to that point. When I requested privacy to make my transaction, this lady sharply told me, “What is wrong with you, these are public facilities. Its not like as – if I am going to steal you.” How to respond to that… hmmm.
  • Whatsapp won’t make a simple update asking me whether or not I accept to join a group. No. I will simply wake up the following morning on three more groups making the total 21 groups with 280 messages glaring at me before I’m fully awake. (smh)
  • The staff in public offices in Uganda will probably keep acting like they are doing you a favour and you will probably still wait at least an hour before you get help or directed to your solution.
  • Politicians will continue to get away with gross indiscretions like gropping their female staff and end up in the White House.
  • The globe will keep getting warmer and hotter temperatures will become our new normal. (Noooooooooooo!)
  • The war in Syria and Somalia will carry on and who knows where else it could crop up.
  • Africans will keep being asked strange questions at visa offices and denied entry into a number of countries.

gaucho-imigani-13p1800454Sequin Jumpsuit 02

By this time, you get the drift… Bad things will keep happening and we all have to search deep inside ourselves to bring the good, the cheer and the hope with us every where we go. I can say one thing though, Imigani will still be here to drop a few rays of gold on your computer or phone screen so stay wild at heart and pure to the core.

Is there anything you feel like will probably not change in the fast approaching 2017, feel free to add it in the comments below.

Photography from the Imigani archives.

Until next time,