Side swept milkmaid braid

I’m taking the plunge guys! For the longest time, Angela has urged me to think about making videos for whatever we might be talking about on the blog, and I’ve had many people, either through the blog or in person ask me questions about how I styled my hair. The combination of both has given me reason to think of ways to show you guys how easy it is to style your hair, and I’m starting with a milkmaid braid.

side-swept-milkmaid-braid-imigani-04side-swept-milkmaid-braid-imigani-05I love this look. It’s SO simple, and I can quickly do it before I run out of the house to my busy day, and yet I still manage to achieve an “I put some effort in” look. We’ve all seen people wear perfect milkmaid braids, and you might have asked yourself how they do it. I’m here to let you know today that it’s extremely simple. Don’t know how to braid like a pro? No problem. I have a cheat sheet.  Instead of braiding so help me God I can’t seem to coordinate my hands to get it right, I opt to twist my hair instead and the result, I find is better for me.


  • I wet my hair or stretch it overnight, and make a part in my hair from one side to another. The lines do not have to be straight; my hair will cover them anyway. You can also skip the overnight prep by lightly wetting your hair with water before you braid it.
  • I brush my edges to make sure they are looking well kempt.
  • I use a butter to coat my hair and hands for added slip, and I begin to twist my hair. Basically I start with one twist, and keep making additions to it until I reach the ends of my hair.
  • After the twist has been completed to the very end, I pin one twist away, and complete the second before I strategically pin them in place to make my braid look as continuous as possible.
  • For tools, all you need is a few bobby pins; I use two to be exact, an afro comb (only if I need it), a soft bristled brush, similar to a denman brush, and Kentaro’s Whipped Shea Butter.
  • And that’s it!

side-swept-milkmaid-braid-imiganiside-swept-milkmaid-braid-imigani-06If my explanation above is confusing, which it most probably is, watch the video below to find out exactly how I achieved this look.

Comment below and let me know what look you might be interested in seeing next, as well as what your go to protective style is. I’m looking for new ways to style my hair.

Till next week.