Cutout Mania

Imagine waking up one day and deciding you would dress up in cutouts from head to toe. Cutouts are a huge trend right now and I challenged myself to think of an outfit that could embrace the trend without leaving me overly exposed.

cutout-mania-imigani-01cutout-mania-imigani-09Key for me? Subtlety. Rather than opt for huge obvious cuts in every single item, I looked through my wardrobe for pieces that had small and tasteful cuts because too much of anything can never be a good thing.

cutout-mania-imigani-11cutout-mania-imigani-05I paired this dark blue top, with a white an black striped skirt, both items with cuts in them and I even went on to add a pair of side cut out flat pumps to carry the theme on. Since I had jumped on the cutout train I went on to look for a necklace with the same running theme.

cutout-mania-imigani-08cutout-mania-imiganiMy conclusion, challenge absolutely achieved. Can you pull off cut outs tastefully? Absolutely! And in doing so there’s no need to show off too much skin.

cutout-mania-imigani-02Angela and I are still reeling from the support we’ve received from you guys after this article was published in the Daily Monitor. We appreciate every single one of your messages, and are feeling energised to keep going.

It’s hump day, and the week is already looking amazing. Not to mention, it’s almost Christmas, so there’s that as well!

These pictures were taken by Angela.

Till next week.