No Trend Zone

Some people are trend savvy while a few people stick to a few items they identify to look good on them. I fall in the latter crowd. So take for example these red flowery print pants. They are chino – types that most people would stay far away from but I saw them and I immediately had a number of ideas of how I could wear them and make them work fabulously for me.

Here, I wear them with a white vest and a black cape to make them pop. I also pair them with a pair of black strappy heels because I really feel like these pants are loud enough by themselves and they do not need anything else to compete with them.

So I will confess I am sometimes conflicted by these fashion posts because I am by nature more conservative in my spending. (That translates in the statement – I do not buy a lot of stuff). This is not purely for financial reasons. It is really a life choice. I have found for myself that If I buy stuff simply because it is cheap, I will not wear it anyway. (If I feel like crap in it, I will not wear it). This is why I would rather buy quality and most times, for me that means comfort is one of the parameters that quality fits in.

The message here is, if you subscribe to my school of thought, then buy what you like and even if it costs more or doesn’t necessarily fall in the trendiest items, get it and build your outfits around it. Also, wear it loud and proud! I’m sure you will look fabulous in it.

These pictures were taken by Hills Images at Crocs, which was decorated by DestiNy.

Happy holidays my lovelies.