Blank Canvas

Fashion is art and you are the canvas – Unknown.

What happens on a day when you feel like you want to keep your canvas as plain as it could possibly be but still look extremely classy? All White. A few years ago you could have never convinced me to throw together a head to toe white outfit, but out of curiosity I pulled it together once and I am not looking back.

The thing about using yourself as a blank slate and wearing basic colours like white or black is that they take away from the attention that your outfit would otherwise be taking, and give it all back to you. Where it should have been in the first place.

You should always wear an outfit and not the other way around – Unknown.

I paired a simple basic white t-shirt with white jeans and a white cape and topped it all off with beige shoes and accessories, in essence pulling this outfit together was so simple, but I know it looks like I gave it a lot of thought. This is where my obsession for blank canvases in outfits comes from.

We shot this at Crocs over the festive season and you can almost feel the shimmer and the magic from personally my best time of the year. DestiNy did one heck of a job to make it feel that much more magical.

These lovely pictures were taken by Hills Images.