Weathered Lace

It has been at hot minute…(quite literally) since our grass was green and Kampala wasn’t so dusty and hot. Anyway, seeing as we have another month or so before it cools down and the rains return, I thought I’d figure out how to make the most of the season and enjoy it.

What better way than with this woody back drop, a nice magazine and pink and gold with a side of denim.

One of our favorite spots is the Kampala Forest Resort Hotel formerly known to you as The Woods. Joan and I super were excited to see it reopen brighter and woodier than before. This truly breath taking spot where you are bound to have monkeys jump from tree to tree and have your thoughts to yourself is the perfect spot for a weekend morning coffee and either a nice book, a laptop or in my case a lovely magazine to stare at beautiful people and things to inspire me to do it myself.

I chose my pink and gold (box cut) blouse with some high wasted Zara jeans (with cut outs as well). And for the shoes….who needs shoes when you have loads of wood and tress (not me).

More and more, I find myself looking to dress up comfortably and I find that key pieces put together is just right for me. Ideally, If I feel good, I know I will look good.

To say this is the most ideal outfit choice in the hot weather is an understatement.

What are your super chilled weekend looks for the hot weather in Kampala right now? I’m really curious to find out.

You can look forward to me styling a more corporate style hot weather look for all the ladies that just don’t have the luxury of the weekend chilled look.

Until the next time,


Pink and Gold blouse- Thrifted

Cut out high wasted  jeans -Zara

Photography by Joan