Big Girl Games

Hi guys, welcome back from our yearly giveaway session, #ImiganiLove. Even though it was great seeing all the entries and creative twists you were taking with them, we have to get back to the rest of the year. And what better way to do that than playing with makeup and playing some big girl games. Full disclosure. This was the first time I have had my makeup done by someone else (not to mention a professional) as an adult. We have teamed up with Brushstrokes Makeup to bring on the drama.

My experience was an interesting one. I was quite surprised how much time it can take to get the details perfect but it was definitely a pampering experience. First, was the brow. Naturally, my brows do not grow much although Joan’s do. At this point, I could already tell that I looked conspicuously different.

I decided to let go of the mirror and enjoy the experience. As we worked our way through the foundation, concealer, blush and a few other things whose names I didn’t get, I could feel that each product dramatically changed my look. The only part I could say that gave me the creeps was the eye makeup. It was so scary to have my eyeliner tight lined by someone else but my professional artist calmly got me through it.

For purposes of photography and a dressy occasion, this look does wonders and I wore it well into the night. Joan and I decided we could not let the look go to waste and therefore we took the look out. My look was quite different from Joan’s. Her lip was a lot more dramatic with a bright red lip while mine was more nude with purple undertones. Also, my face was done with subtlety in mind, and for hers there was drama and golden highlights.

For an everyday look, brushstrokes would tone it down, in my case, just because that is my preference. If there is any advice I could have for someone, its to clearly communicate your desired result to your makeup professional (in this case Brushstrokes Makeup) and then, let them work their magic.

Needless to say, it was a tone of fun and I am already getting ideas for my next makeup play session, because when big girls play, it is always more fun with makeup brushes.



Makeup by Brushstrokes Makeup.

Photography by Stone Photography.

Head wrap by Ubwiza.

PS: Happy Valentines Day!