How To Rock Coloured Denim

I feel like 2017 is the year of YES! In the spirit of being open-minded and trying out new things, I plunged head first with the coloured denim and went for an ORANGE pair! Laughing out very loud. Before you dismiss this as something you cannot possibly imagine doing, let me try to lay out how this look could be done to be totally normal and not over the top.

For starters, everything else you wear should be black, white, nude, blush or grey (So you don’t give people a headache), and the jeans should be the center of focus. I also made it a point to go loose with the jeans and then a body hugging vest. I think another way could be skinny with the jeans and then something loose on top to ensure the look is flattering. It’s no secret that coloured denim can make a sister look heavy. So that’s one thing I would advise anyone to look out for.

I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this look with a black vest, shoes and my blush/nude bag. In this case, I was styling for a day time, tropical climate or in some places (summer) look. Yes to the coloured denim this year; because fashion is expression and if you feel like it, it can be fun and flirty, or sombre and serious. Lately for me, It’s fun and flirty.

It’s your turn! How could you stylishly pull off coloured denim?