Serendipity at Ole Sereni

In my very last blog post about my stay in Kenya from earlier this year, I am going to talk you through my stay at Ole Sereni, in my opinion probably one of the stronger hotels in Nairobi. You guys have heard endless Imigani’s from me about staying in Kenya,traveling from Mombasa, and back to Nairobi before we wound up our trip and ended up in Entebbe. What I have not had the chance to tell you about was our one day pit – stop in Nairobi and what we REALLY got up to.


I’ll cut to the chase, I know it has been two months and I am still going on about Kenya – somewhat stretching these blog posts out, and some of you might have had an earful. When we were thinking of where we could stay, considering the fact that we were staying for just a day, and not forgetting that Nairobi’s traffic can choose to be a force to reckon with, the name Ole Sereni popped up, and I honestly did not give it much thought because I was just looking for somewhere to rest my head.


When we drove up to the hotel and I saw that its front lawn was literally a national park, my jaw dropped. Not only is it strategically located so close to the airport that you cut down on the risk of being stuck on your way out of the city, it also gives you the feel of being so far away from civilisation. From my room I could see buffaloes and zebras grazing. From the hotels main restaurant and terrace, which is also flanked by a heated infinity pool, you have an even better view of the game park, the animals and literally as far as your eye can see, all you can see is green – although you might be distracted by an occasional airplane taking off or landing.

When I talk about serene environments, I really honestly mean it. The hotel whose name means “the place of tranquility” features countless giraffes, from its logo, to giraffe statues placed inside and on their terrace. My personal interpretation being that giraffes are creatures of elegance, creatures of peace and serenity. My conclusion being that Ole Sereni could not have chosen a better animal to revolve around.

Because my stay was a quick in and out, I literally run around like a kid chasing after candy, poking my head into the gym, the in – house salon, getting a quick drink at the bar, and savoring the meals that were presented to me. My stay, albeit short, allowed me with enough time to attest to the quality that is Ole Sereni.

Where are all of the travel maniacs? Have you been to Ole Sereni? Share your experiences in the comments below. For any questions regarding the hotel rates, please contact the hotel directly.