Coral and Pepper Chic

Hey beautiful people,

This week, I bring another translation of wearing colour in a chic and playful way. I am still extremely excited and pleased with my newly found colour experimentation phase. I used to be one of those people that played it safe with my neutral wardrobe, but since my last coloured denim look, I am quite literally always looking for the next opportunity to play with my colour. It’s such a relief to have found ways to incorporate colour in my wardrobe and veer off my usual nude palate. Fun fact – studies have shown that people that tend to dress on the spectrum of grey are usually quite moody and unhappy in comparison with their colour – loving counterparts. This week, I dip into the colour palate yet again with a sleeveless coral and red pepper top. I purposefully toned this down with white pants that are dressier. As with all new things, it is wise to dip one’s foot into the water and test its murkiness before one jumps in.

Weekends and tropical weather are made for thoroughly enjoying, so when I had the opportunity to attend a party at a friend’s house, this was my obvious first choice. Brushstrokes Makeup also kindly extended their makeup services and created yet another playful look, that I wore to my party. I specifically asked them not to conceal my eyebrows for an understated, not in – your – face look.

I really do think you have the perfect mix of playfulness and sophistication with this idea/ outfit inspiration. But even more than that, you do not have to worry about top body spills, with all the finger food and plastic cups at causal parties.

I would only caution you to watch out for your whites and make sure, as I did, that you have your pants  covered with a generous – sized napkin.

Until the next time,

© Angela.

Photography : Stone Photography.