Fashionista meets Minimalist

Hi, I’m Angela and I hate the idea of waste. It’s almost a problem because sometimes I feel like I am becoming obsessive about it. If this sounds like an Alcoholic Anonymous line, it’s because I have borrowed one. It is quite the contrast. To love and appreciate fashion but also be bemused by the waste and commercial message that seems to SHOUTBuy more to be more, don’t get snapped in the same garment twice, seasons, trends …” My life, at least starting with my clothes, got the culling of a lifetime last year and since then, I cannot stand to have something that I don’t use regularly or can’t get the wear out of. One might even say that I have become some sort of minimalist. I guess I have people like the Duchess, Kate, of Cambridge to thank for that. I applaud every time I see her, one of the greatest fashionistas of our generation, stride elegantly by, in her rebounds even when wardrobe budget isn’t a problem she has to deal with.

So for my most recent three – week trip, (I will tell you about it soon) I packed all my garments in a carry on as I hoped into the ride for my next adventure. Yes, I kind of worried, “what will people think when I say I am a blogger and wear the same clothes a couple of times over the next few weeks?” A few shrugs later, I zipped up my bags and off I went with a few curious stares from my family. “Are you sure that’s all you are taking?” I am after all the same person that went on a safari with a bigger bag of stuff a couple of years ago. You live and you learn.

You see, we must all make our own decisions. If you allow your life to be dictated by expectations others have of you, I’ve got terrible news for you; you are going to be miserable everyday after you start living your life to keep up with the Joneses.

So while I appreciate good garments and a sleek look just like the next girl, I simply will not get caught in all the craziness of it.

Coming to you this week from oldies and goodies from my closet, some thrift store buys and a few hand me downs, I present to you…. The Look.

But even more important than the look, I present to you the philosophy. Real life is not perfectly edited like an Instagram shot. While I love love love a good bag, I think I will live vicariously through other bloggers and You-tubers. And once in a while, I will buy an investment piece. But definitely not by the season.

Loads of love. Please look out for my next article as it will be a travel piece and I get to soak in different cultures and pick up a few different languages along the way. Oh and as always, share your stories and experienced because your stories really do matter.

My makeup was done by Brushstrokes Makeup. I spoke about the look we went for in my last post.

Photography by Stone Photography.