Grunge Attack

Grunge – a style of dressing associated with rock music.

How do you translate a style that is so foreign or far removed from what is considered normal in your immediate surroundings and turn it into a thing of sorts? Grunge dressing is something that we all see on TV in places far away from Africa, let alone Uganda.

When I was thinking about this shoot, I thought to myself, “why not”, I’ll give it a shot. I had all of the different pieces in my wardrobe, although I had never thought of putting them together. Black jeans, a black leather jacket turned vest with the help of my tailor, and a black loose chiffon top complete with an attached gold necklace.

To break the black monotony, I added a pop of colour with these block heels that I picked up from Kona. I love these shoes because they are a block heel so they are easy to wear in grass. Also the short heels on them make it easy to prance around in them all day without feeling like my feet might break off of my body.

I must admit, I am such a black person. I love the colour black, and I will not even try to deny it. On many days without even thinking about it, one or two items on my wardrobe will be black. Sometimes it ties into my mood in the morning, and sometimes I will not even think about it. But I am also aware that wearing head to toe black especially with a leather jacket will not be understood by many people in Uganda, because of the heat and many other factors. We are in March after all and this is considered our rainy season, so if you are going to pull it off – the time is now.

What is your take on this grunge look? Are you the kind of girl that ignores the frowns around you when you walk out of the house in your grunge look and rocks it anyway? Or would you never be caught looking like this?

Let me know in the comment section below.


Brushstrokes Makeup gave me the subtle look on my face.

Photography by Stone Photography.