Laced Up

Lace is such a delicate, flirty material. It’s no wonder girls are so into it. The thing about lace is that it is not restricted to just typical girly girls – which I am not. I cannot complain about the feeling I get from being laced up, a somewhat demure “I know it looks great, but I did not put much effort into it” feeling.

This particular dress which is part of my wardrobe was picked up at a flea market on a Sunday morning with Angela by my side telling me that it was not worth getting. I remember secretly smirking and thinking that she would probably regret thinking so when I finally wore it. It’s amazing that I did not make any adjustments to have it fit me, it just sort of did. I think we were meant to find each other. 🙂

For this look, I paired it with silver accessories: a silver watch, tear drop ear pins, and a pair of flat sandals with silver details. I tried to keep it really simple because I did not want anything to compete with the dress and the look. It was a Saturday and I intended to spend the day lounging, and putting my hair down – which I did quite literally.

We spent our morning at Forest Resort Kampala,  a new place in Muyenga which you might know as The Woods, and we sat down and enjoyed the view and the relaxation we got from our surroundings. We also did a good amount of blog planning.

Angela took these pictures, and dare I say she did a good job doing so.

Till next week,