Updated Skin Care Routine

Its almost been two years since the first skin care routine article and I am super stoked to come back with an updated skin care routine. The first article received a ton of advice from you and a few “out – of – the – box” suggestions. Being the self – confessed lover of skin care that I am, I tried out a few of your suggestions. Some of them I incorporated into my routine but some didn’t make the cut. Beautiful skin beats anything and is a true window to the overall health of a person in my opinion. The tongue might lie but the skin never does. I preach at least a litre and a half a day of water and clean eating (which I think I will tackle in an entirely different post).

You probably have heard some “you are glowing” comments from time to time, which seem to coincide with times of happiness/contentment in our lives. This seem to suggest that our minds and in fact our hormones also play a big role on how our skins appear. I’ll cut to the chase in what has improved in my routine in the space since my last post.

• Beauty Sleep: There is definitely a big reason behind the statement and if you have had a night/nights of poor sleep, your skin definitely appears dull and you probably have dark under eye circles glaring at you in the mirror. Funny story is that dark under eye circles are considered beauty marks in some parts of Uganda.
• Regular exercise: With an aim to get a good sweat session in. Another self – explanatory one. If you sweat, you not only are excreting waste from the skin, you are also releasing endorphins which are the hormones responsible for that much – desired skin glow.
• A good skin wash, toner and moisturiser: The only thing that I have changed in my routine from the last time is more SPF in my moisturizer. What is SPF? Google it. And if the premature ageing skin doesn’t frighten you, maybe the skin cancer stats will.
• Cleansing 2.0: In addition to the daily wash, I realised that simple product and cotton pads do not completely remove my makeup. I purchased a skin massager set with various brushes and intensities, which I normally use if I have a full face of makeup. The bonus is that mine came with a pumice stone and buffers for other dry cracked skin especially on my foot heels. I tried ingesting the coconut oil and that is just not for me, I’m afraid. What I discovered was that on top of my skin, the coconut oil removes almost every trace of makeup. For this, I use a clean face cloth that’s wringed dry after dipping it in hot water and the makeup just glides off.
• Lastly, taking the time to do what feels good for Angela. In Other Words, Intuitive Living. This follows the scope of food, activity, people and every other thing that feels counter intuitive to my well – being. And while this can be tricky to gauge when one falls in old habits and gets stuck in their comfort zone, I have gradually found the right rhythm for me.

All in all, I have just simplified and eased off the products and my skin seems just as happy (if not happier than a few years ago). The fewer the ingredients in a product, the less likely it is to upset your skin.

Good luck and as usual, I would love to hear what you are using and what products you swear by!
Peace and love,