Dibs on The Embers

Finding The Embers feels a little bit like looking for treasure if I’m being completely honest! Located at the Studios on Seventh, inside a big red gate that is hard to miss if you are on 7th Street Industrial Area in Kampala, the rooftop bar is different from any place that I’ve been to in Uganda to hang out.

The best description I could give you is that walking into The Embers is like walking into a cave. Getting through the flight of stairs and being on the rooftop where the bar is, is an absolute surprise. By this point you can almost tell it will be different from any place you’ve been to Uganda. The DJ’s play House, EDM and  Hip Hop music, really depending on what they read from the crowd.

Olly, part one  of a three part trio whose heads came together to bring the concept alive hosted Angela and I to a fun exclusive evening where we learnt about The Embers in depth. He talked us through the cocktail menu and explained to us that some of the cocktails served at the bar are infused for a week with the aim to make sure that you get the best taste of all the individual ingredients that go into your finished glass. We went as far as learning how to mix some cocktails, which for us was a lot of fun. It was also enlightening to understand that what goes into the final product that ends up in front of you as a cocktail takes a good amount of skill and prep.

The bar which has moved from a number of locations and finally settled on 7th Street aims to give you a unique experience and teach you about their Art – in this case, cocktails. Aside from that, they host brunches on Sunday’s starting at 10:00am, and they have happy hour from 4:00 – 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Prices range from UGX 10,000 – UGX 25,000.

By all means, go by and check it out if you have not already.

Photography by Stone Photography.