Twinning in Scallops

We all remember the days when our parents would dress us up in the same outfit replicated two or three times over. (In our case, there are three of us following closely in age). We hated it and they were so proud to have pulled it off when guests came over or when we went to parties back then. Isn’t it funny that as adults, we get excited for the opportunity to be twinning with our siblings. I for one can only bear to be wearing outfits similar to someone else if that person is my sister. So this week, we bring you this fun, feminine, flirtatious look with yellow and pink tops with scallops on them.

Full disclosure: Joan is the pink lover and I lean in more with yellow but we both gravitated to the opposites in this picture. The scallops were cut a little bit high so there is a little bit of midriff that’s bound to peep in these outfits.

Thankfully, pairing these scallop tops with high rise jeans means that you can still pull this look off even though you might not have an enviable and flat midsection. And that makes it wearable for every type of girl! I love it. Allow me to take a second to give a huge shout out to Uzuri for the footwear. We have both owned these shoes for a year, and they are still as good as new!

Lately, it has been great to try new and playful styles as we recreate and redefine our style. It is really fun to play with scallops because they are such a huge hit in the world of fashion right now. Next, I might try the off – the – shoulder ruffles, or lace, or both. Together. Who knows?

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Photography by Stone Photography.