A Little Shoulder

What says a little bit of fun more than a peek – a – boo shoulder? Not many things in my opinion. I love the off – the – shoulder trend. So much so that when I this trend comes and goes, I will probably be that one person that refuses to let go and you will all be looking at me like I’m out dated. The thing about this look is that it can be dressed down and it can be dressed up. Think of extremes like to a wedding, vs. to the movies.

This top was gifted to me, and I love that I can pair it with jeans, tights, jeggings as well as tuck it into skirts and wear it in so many different ways. The versatility on this piece is endless I tell you.

Bare shoulders make me think of vulnerability – which is interesting because this looks covers up literally everything, save for your shoulders of course. It reminds me a little bit of shrugging off any opinions and deciding to be, or in this case, wear whatever the heck you want to.

I paired this look with my favorite pair of jeggings (because of their ability to hide conceal any bumps on my body) and a black choker. The thing about chokers is that they can dress up even the simplest of outfits. For example, I could have worn this outfit as it is, but I added a choker to it to give it some pizazz, which why not, since I had a whole load of bare skin begging for some kind of cover up.

Seeing as we are bang in the middle of the week, maybe this could give you some inspiration on what you will wear this weekend, as well as how to style it.

I wore my hair in a side swept milkmaid braid for this post.

Thank you for reading – as always.

Get the look:

Choker: Gloria Wavamunno available at Bold

Photography: Stone Imagez

Location: The Embers