Athleisure Fever

Athleisure. You might have heard of the term. A seamless way to transition from a work/causal outfit to the gym and vice versa.You might even be cheeky and wear an athleisure look to an event that has more to do with leisure and less to do with anything athletic. This brings me to my topic this week. I was talking to a friend that has great interest in a particular topic. Naturally, I asked her to consider writing about it. If not to publish, just to get her opinions out there until she gathered the guts to go the full 9 yards.

She said she loved to write but could not imagine putting work out there. “I’m a perfectionist. I can’t risk putting content out there and looking back at it with shame.” It’s so interesting that most of us live our lives like this. I said to her something I was told two years ago when we were contemplating starting this blog. “If only the birds with the nicest voices sang in the woods, it would be really quiet. Instead, all the birds chirp in, add their voice and it creates the beautiful and peaceful sounds we have grown to associate the woods too.”

Back to athleisure. I love playing with angles and the contrast of the black and white against the red stripes. Also, I decided to be a little bold with the crop top, yet still conservative with the throw over. Life is nothing if not for something you do every day that scares you just a little bit. But everyone talks about doing something that scares you without telling you how far you go before you are in a panic zone. I learned, not too long ago, doing high ropes that there is a comfort zone, a stretch zone and a panic zone. Where you constantly want to be in life is the stretch zone. In my life, I practice this everywhere. In my fashion, my work, risky ventures I take on…

So with so many ways to wear this outfit (Including a mid – length body hugging dress and trainers) and high heels with box cut crop tops, It’s definitely the way to go if you want to take some risks with your fashion without the commitment of being full on or out there.Have fun and take a few risks. It’s not in the comfort zone that you grow. Neither is it in the panic zone. Its right there in the stretch zone.

So until next week.

Fiercely, Angela.

Throw over : Vivo Activewear from Bold

Crop Top: Shop

Photography: Stone Photography

Location: The Embers