Earthy Tones, Brown Skin

I dared not, before… wear earthy tones on my brown skin. But today, I am thanking Kona for bringing a blast from the past and updating it into this trendy, multi wearable flattering dress. At first, I really believed that only a slim girl could wear this dress and do it justice. Joan thought different. By now, you might have caught onto it…

We get and give each other a ton of fashion and life advice. Solicited and unsolicited alike. So anyway, she suggested that I throw on a similar tones belt to cinch in the waist and save me from looking like a wide tent (at least that is what I felt like in this dress in the beginning to be honest). Might I add a disclaimer here that the red-brick background was totally unplanned but worked wonders anyway.

I gave it a try and VOILA…. Magic. The earthy tones became me and I became them. (Ok…. Setting the theatrics aside) I really enjoy this dress to throw on with any pair of heels, or the gladiator sandals if you really want to be a little bold and step out in a roman- inspired outfit. Power TO YOU.

I would say that a darker lip shade vs a nude or lighter shape probably helps some dimension to this outfit, much like contouring on a face.

I might even wear a slightly shorter version of this dress out on the town. And if you are more hour glass shaped, you will absolutely KILL this outfit. I will say that this dress is made out of a very soft material and creases quite easily which makes it probably more ideal for an evening/ night out.

Only thing I would say is, find a sister or a friend to weigh in! Another great one from Kona.

You can find versions of this dress at Bold on the first floor of Acacia mall. So until next time,

Fierce and love,


Photography : Stone Imagez

Location : The Embers