Shape Slaying

A lot of people have told me that they will look at pictures, (mostly on Instagram) of a woman “slaying” in an outfit and probably go online, copy and paste the very aspects of the outfit and purchase it only to find that they feel frumpy and extremely “less – than” in the same outfit. Basically, it just didn’t work for their body shape.

It is this same issue that has loads of people going on very low calorie diets to slim down into the shape of someone else they saw online. Let’s get one thing out of the way; you might be able to slim down in dress size but never in body shape. Once you discover this almost all your style issues will be sorted. We have all heard of the terms pear shaped, petite, curvy etc… We have also heard of rules that say don’t wear across stripes if you are fuller figured and no bold prints either.

As Part 1 of this series, I’ll focus on the tricks I have discovered to work for me. Now, disclaimer – I am no professional stylist. I am only a girl who appreciates fashion and seeks to dress in a way I find inspiring, fun, flirtatious and most of all comfortable.

I found that A-line shapes flatter my shape which is why I took one look at this dress and said it would be so cute on me. Joan was hesitant at first but when she put hers on, she started sashaying around the photo shoot.

I’m only 5’3 and therefore anything mid length is usually tricky for me and I will only wear it, if I dare, with a high heeled shoe. I have also found capri pants to work really well for me with a boxy blouse and pumps or even the pointy toed flats.

This brings me to the styles I haven’t yet tried for fear of them being a total fail on me. Wide legged pants. No bruh. Not quite yet. The knee high bodysuit – like outfit that I’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian, La la Anthony and Malika Haqq try that I just find totally ridiculous.  Anyone know what its called? What total fails have you tried and ditched? What styles have surprised you and worked great?

Till the next time.


Photography : Stone Imagez

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