Sheer Bravery

I’m back guys! Two blog posts in a week, phew! Normally Angela and I interchange, but for this week, we are doing something special and I want to exhaust the topic of thick chokers, so I’m here. In today’s post, I am talking about how to take an unconventional piece of cloth, and turn it into an outfit to reckon with. To be really honest with you guys, when I first saw this sheer dress, I thought to myself “how the heck am I going to style this and walk around with people seeing my innards!” Lol.

In case you might not be aware, this month, we and a couple of other really cool Ugandan bloggers are doing a challenge with Bold on how we style different outfits.

Now back to the topic. I breathed in and out and channeled my inner Kim Kardashian, and thought about chucking some dark coloured undergarments under this dress, and making it into my own thing. It then occurred to me that on a night out, I could be braver and wear something smaller, and high waisted in it, and I could totally rock this. At this point, I did not feel like I was being brave any more, I felt like I was being unconventional (at least in Uganda) and I could actually do this.

To finish it off, I added a thick cloth choker to this outfit. The drama that comes along with this choker certainly makes a statement. Flowered prints paired with metallic rings, to me almost screams out โ€œI know exactly what I like, and I know my style.

And there you have it guys. Dare I say I pulled this off, and I did so really well too. ๐Ÿ™‚

A lovely weekend to you. See you on the blog next week!

Dress and choker: Gloria Wavamunno available at Bold

Photography: Stone Imagez