Simplicity is our language. We have said it so many times on the blog, that we are almost sure you all know it. That said, whenever we have the chance to throw on an outfit that is essentially really simple, but has the ability to look superbly dressed up, we take it. Which girl wouldn’t?

This blog post is so fittingly titled because of the aesthetic of these dresses, alongside the aesthetic of their designer. Joan has gone in depth in a number of blog posts about Kwesh’s almost tunnel vision towards simplicity and minimalism.

Needless to say, we had so much fun shooting these outfits. It’s interesting. You wear a long dress in a block colour that flows to the ground and it frames your silhouette so beautifully. This dress almost commands that you dress it up simply. Literally all we did was throw on these dresses and add a very minimal amount of accessories to them, and then prance around with Tsauba trying to catch our movements with her camera.

In case you can’t tell, we also love shooting together. To give you a little bit of a peep of what goes on in the background, we are almost always making fun of things, and laughing through trying to get shots at ridiculous angles. Blogging is fun, but in our opinion it is better with two people, and even better when those two people are sisters. We almost always know when we have reached the end of our patient streaks, and just when we can push a little bit further.

On that note, we will leave you, hopefully thinking about how simplicity can ease your lives and make things that much more uncomplicated.


Angela and Joan.

Tent dresses : Kwesh available at Bold

Photography : Stone Imagez

Location: The Embers